For Rehabilitation Clients
We provide you with reliable, goal-oriented and cooperative guidance that helps you to return to work and into smooth everyday life.

For Rehabilitation Clients

Vocational rehabilitation – opportunity to keep working

When your health condition is affecting your working and earning capacities, vocational rehabilitation can support you to return to work and to continue working. Due to changes in your health, there might be need for either reassessing current job, changing jobs or re-training. Our task is to help you to find the right measures in order for you to stay in working life and oversee the implementation of these measures. 

Rehabilitation planning at VKK begins after we have been commissioned by accident and motor liability or earnings-related pension insurance. You are being appointed to a rehabilitation counselor, who will work with you to draw up an individual rehabilitation plan. When required, our team of multi-professional experts participates in this process.

In our planning we take into account:

  • Your previous work experience and expertise
  • Your educational background
  • Your professional interests
  • Limitations on your working capacity
  • Your age, life situation and living conditions
  • Your eventual employment opportunities after rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation planning is based on cooperation. We agree together on goals and implementation. Additionally, we work closely together with the insurance provider and other relevant actors such as employers or schools. We provide services in Finnish, Swedish, English and German. We have experience on guiding people with immigration background. 

Methods of vocational rehabilitation

The goal of vocational rehabilitation is to lengthen professional career taking into account the remaining working capacities. Your previous work experience, skills and health condition affect on choosing the methods that can be used to support you continuing to work. 

Vocational rehabilitation can include:

  • Workplace rehabilitation, meaning you can get compensation on work try-out or in-work training
  • Re-education (vocational qualification or complimentary education)
  • Business support, for starting business suitable for your health condition or for changing the scope of a current business (a common requirement for support is that the business is considered economically viable enough to support a regular salary for the client).

Functional capacity rehabilitation – for smooth everyday life

Following a traffic accident or accident at work, many clients require rehabilitation to support and maintain their ability to fully participate in the daily activities of life. The goal of functional capacity rehabilitation is to provide clients with the services they need to lead a life that is as self-reliant and independent as possible. The methods that can be used in functional capacity rehabilitation include for example in- and outpatient rehabilitation, assistive devices and home modification requirements and other similar support measures and services.

Client’s home municipality is always responsible for organizing the functional capacity rehabilitation. The insurance company covers the necessary expenses brought on by rehabilitation needed due to an injury.

VKK has three rehabilitation counselors specialized in functional capacity rehabilitation. They assist in organizing the necessary services and assess the need for rehabilitation and compensation. Rehabilitation planning at VKK begins only after VKK has been commissioned to make a rehabilitation evaluation by the insurance company. Following this, a rehabilitation counselor is chosen for the case. Rehabilitation counselor then begins the rehabilitation planning containing an initial assessment of the rehabilitation needs and evaluation of rehabilitation feasibility, working closely together with the client, and, if necessary, the client’s next of kin, as well as health care units, social services and rehabilitation service providers. The assessment is complete when all of the support services that have been deemed necessary and are available have been arranged for.

Functional capacity rehabilitation can include:

  • Home modification
  • Assistive devices
  • Assistive devices on car and allowance on getting a car
  • In- and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Organizing needed support services at home

Who is entitled to rehabilitation?

According to the Accident Insurance Act and Motor Liability Insurance Act in Finland, a person is eligible for rehabilitation if:

  • he/she is entitled to compensation under this legislation 
  • he/she has been the victim of an accident that either has weakened or may in the future significantly weaken his/her working capacity, functional capacity or earning potential. 

The reason for the rehabilitation must be attributable to a road accident, a workplace accident, or an occupational disease eligible for compensation. If the need for rehabilitation is the result of some other injury or illness, the insurers mentioned above are not liable for rehabilitation expenses. 

A person with earnings-related pension insurance is entitled to rehabilitation if: 

  • he/she is employed on a permanent basis, 
  • he/she is deemed unable to work or is threatened with being unable to work, or 
  • rehabilitation is understood to be appropriate for the case at hand. 

For more information about vocational rehabilitation based on pension insurance, see the web pages of the Finnish Pension Alliance   

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