Our Services
VKK has strong expertise in vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation focusing on improving and sustaining functional capacity. We provide services in evaluation, planning and implementation of rehabilitation measures for accident, motor liability and earnings-related pension insurance companies and their clients. We also provide information and training services in relation to rehabilitation for our clients and stakeholders.

Our Services


Vocational Rehabilitation

We offer “all-inclusive” rehabilitation service providing everything that is needed along the way starting from the initial assessment all the way to the client returning to work. Our services on vocational rehabilitation evaluation and planning can also be purchased separately. Each case is handled by rehabilitation counselor appointed to the case. In order to assess the individual rehabilitation needs, our counselors have the possibility to consult our team of rehabilitation experts at VKK who can assist in matters such as career advising, evaluation of feasibility, vocational rehabilitation or assessing ability to work. Our services include the network required to reach the goals of rehabilitation.

We operate all across Finland through nine offices. Usually the services are provided through the office located nearest to the client. Our rehabilitation counselors can also visit clients at their work place, school or treatment and rehabilitation meetings. 

Functional capacity rehabilitation

VKK has expertise in rehabilitation and compensation schemes and we provide services on assessing, planning and implementing rehabilitation for accident and motor liability insurance companies and to their customers. Our work begins once the insurance company has commissioned VKK. We operate throughout Finland. Our goal is to ensure that the rehabilitation client receives all necessary support measurements in order live as smooth, independent and self-reliant life as possible. We provide the insurance company with all the relevant information for them to make a decision on compensation. The insurance company is liable for all the costs, for the rehabilitation client our services are free of charge.

We offer “all-inclusive” service, which contains an initial assessment of the rehabilitation needs and evaluation of rehabilitation feasibility up until all the needed measurements for carrying out the rehabilitation plan have been arranged. Our assessment considers the client’s individual needs, taking into account their health limitations and life situation and upon that determine on the best methods to support functional capacity. We also offer individual services, for example assessment regarding a need for a specific assistive device and a relevant compensation for it.

Training, research and dissemination of information 

We develop cooperation between rehabilitation service providers and promote research, training and the dissemination of information on rehabilitation. Our goal is to standardize the practices regarding methods and compensation schemes in insurance rehabilitation. We are preparing instructions on rehabilitation compensation practices. We organize training together with other service providers from the field of rehabilitation.

VKK administrates and coordinates Return to work –network, which is a network for both subscribers and providers of vocational rehabilitation research-, clearance-, and recruitment services. 

Every year we organize a training session “Training opportunities for rehabilitation client” together with Finnish National Board of Education (Opetusministeriö). These sessions focus on current issues on education system from the perspective of an adult student. We have educational cooperation with Finnish Financial and Insurance Institute FINVA, Rehabilitation Foundation (Kuntoutussäätiö) and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Työterveyslaitos). We are participating as an expert in many projects aiming to develop the practices on vocational and functional capacity rehabilitation. 

VKK is a member of Rehabilitation International Finnish Committee (RIFI). VKK has a representative in Rehabilitation International (RI) Work and employment committee.

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